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12:38am 04/12/2006
mood: happy
Nease hasn't blocked LJ XD
so i'm posting the Happenstance pics here to show everyone yay!

Overall layout and design

Co-artists [aka minions]
Tori [although her art is not featured in this batch]

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The ringing of your laughter, it sounds like a melody   
10:02pm 17/05/2006
mood: thoughtful
Oh gosh...I haven't updated this thing in ages, why am i doing so now? I have no idea

Man, so many things have happened, it's scary
I just re-read my last entry and it kinda freaked me out
it was one of those paranoid moments of mine hehe

but yeah....

i'm in love
in love i say, in love!

I love daniel like i have never loved anyone before
it may sound cheesy and silly, but i don't care
love is silly and stupid, but oh so wonderful

and the best part is that he loves me back :)

Heh it's so strange that i ended up falling in love with him. from all the guys in the wold him...hah i did give in and i'm glad i did. he's amazing.

Screw titles, why does it matter if you call yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend when you can act the same way when you are "just friends"
I can't stop messing with the danger zone ^_-   
07:35pm 14/11/2005
mood: energetic
Wooo random update (OMG)
Yeah, so my birthday was on saturday, it was friends actually remembered this year *little happy dance* and Roub called me ^-^ it was sweet, random call of awesomeness (well he called on friday, but it was still awesome)

Today was boring, but I feel like doing some hardcore studying, yeah!
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I've been whoring this everywhere hehe I lurve it <3

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How long will this last?   
09:47pm 06/11/2005
mood: cranky
*This week has gone by so fast.

*I hate distances

I really wish I was close to him right now....

You are the apple of my eye   
03:29pm 14/10/2005
mood: bored and unloved
ugh! gross there's a cockroach in my's like stuck in between the glass and the mosquito net *shivers*

Anywaw... I still have to finish reading Madame Bovary and write the stupid journals.

I went to see The Corpse Bride yesterday, woot! Finally after like 2 weeks of waiting. I liked it, it was very cute, but it was too short, I thought it was going to be longer. Meh it was good none the less.

I just drew an apple and I'm hungry....

Gosh I'm so bored -_-